Auto Ventshade 94049 Original Ventvisor Side Window Deflector Dark Smoke, 4-Piece Set for most 1973-1991 GM Full Size Trucks and SUV's - Consult application guide to verify fitment

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AVS invented the Ventvisor and offers the most vehicle coverage. Our signature Ventvisor Side Window Deflector is made in the USA and precision-engineered for an exacting fit to the broadest range of vehicles on the market today. AVS Original Ventvisors customized design mounts in minutes to the outside of your vehicle using pre-applied 3M automotive-grade adhesive applied above and around your windows. It's a quick, no-drill installation to create a perfectly snug and secure fit and is completely safe for car washes too! Keeps fresh air in and the rain out. The Ventvisor, also referred to as a side window deflector, window shade or rain guard, allows fresh air to naturally circulate through open windows while keeping the rain out. Additionally, the product keeps the sun out of your eyes, enables fresh air circulation to eliminate stale, smoky air and allows you to keep your window cracked while parked, keeping the interior cooler. Now, you can truly enjoy the fresh air and whatever nature sends your way! Great coverage and quality manufacturing AVS offers the most comprehensive Ventvisor vehicle coverage for trucks, SUV's, CUV's, vans and passenger cars. All AVS Ventvisors are made of a higher-grade acrylic material than most, which means they hold their shape and are just the right thickness to be strong yet flexible for a perfect fit. Best-selling line and backed by Lifetime Warranty. The AVS Ventvisor line is the best-selling line throughout North America. A Lifetime Warranty protects your AVS Original Ventvisor Side Window Deflector. Get a set today and start enjoying exterior style and constant fresh air right away!

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More Information
Mounting Hardware IncludedYes
Sold As4 PC SET
YearMakeModelBody Type
1988-1991ChevroletC1500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1991ChevroletC2500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1991ChevroletC3500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1991ChevroletK1500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1991ChevroletK2500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1991ChevroletK3500Crew Cab Pickup
1979-1991GMCC1500Crew Cab Pickup
1979-1991GMCC2500Crew Cab Pickup
1979-1991GMCC3500Crew Cab Pickup
1979-1991GMCK1500Crew Cab Pickup
1979-1991GMCK2500Crew Cab Pickup
1979-1991GMCK3500Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletC10Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletC20Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletC30Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletK10Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1986ChevroletK20Crew Cab Pickup
1977-1986ChevroletK30Crew Cab Pickup
1987ChevroletR10Crew Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCC15/C1500 PickupCrew Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCC25/C2500 PickupCrew Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCC35/C3500 PickupCrew Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCK15/K1500 PickupCrew Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCK25/K2500 PickupCrew Cab Pickup
1973-1974GMCK35/K3500 PickupCrew Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCC15Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCC25Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCC35Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCK15Crew Cab Pickup
1975-1978GMCK25Crew Cab Pickup
1977-1978GMCK35Crew Cab Pickup

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